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DR.X SEO – Advanced GMB Course

We will have reguar updates to the course as well

Module 1: Course introduction

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to Behavioral SEO
  • Useful tips when ing out
  • Why to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Module 2: Advanced Automated CTR Strategies

  • Introduction to Automated CTR Tool
  • Introduction to Advanced Automated CTR Techniques
  • Advanced Automated CTR Setup Strategies
  • Advanced Geolocations Setup Strategies

Module 3: Automated CTR Tool Instructional videos:

  • Basic Automated CTR Tool installation
  • Automated CTR Tool Basic Overview
  • Google Local Search Ranker Project
  • Google Maps Search Project
  • Knowledge Graph Interaction Traffic
  • Backlinks Referral Visits
  • How to find mobile vs desktop search percentage
  • Direct Website Visit
  • Bing and Yahoo Search
  • GMB Post (direct visit)
  • GMB Direct visit
  • Proxies setup settings
  • Daily & regular maintenance

Module 4: Advanced CTR SEO Techniques

  • Introduction to Advanced CTR SEO Techniques
  • Natural Local Guides Method
  • Creating your own CTR Network
  • Sending GMB Signals

Module 5: Advanced Local SEO Hacks

  • Introduction to Advanced Local SEO Hacks
  • Butt-Kiss Link Building Method
  • Cheap Call Tracking Method
  • GMB External Authority Method
  • GMB External Authority Method – Instructional Video
  • Image SEO – Power of Google Lens
  • Image SEO: Power of Google Lens – Instructional Video

Module 6 – Blueprint Implementation Strategies

  • Introduction to Blueprint Implementation Strategies
  • The Gardener Strategy
  • The Gardener Strategy – Traffic Guide
  • The Surfer Strategy – Traffic Guide
  • The Juggernaut Strategy
  • The Juggernaut Strategy – Traffic Guide
  • Using Google Trends to find Local Trends

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