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EzeeTrader – Divergent Swing Trading (DST 2019)
Learn to swing trade with this simple strategy you can use on multiple timeframes….

This is one of the strategies that Charlie regularly uses and played a good part in his $10K to $100K challenge

Is this for you?

You only need a basic understanding of technical analysis and to be able to place trades.

Divergent Swing Trading shows you a specific strategy with all entry and exit rules so you can take it away and start trading immediately. Whether you trade-off 4-hour charts or weekly charts, this strategy can be utilized on whatever timeframe you prefer. The risk to reward ratio is always strong and Charlie finds traders with this technique, therefore, worry less about win rate as a result.

What is covered in the course?

1. Full explanation of the technique used.
2. No special indicators or charting package required (free charts are fine).
3. Tested results giving you the probabilities for the strategy and profitability
at various target levels.
4. Trading psychology and why getting the correct mindset is so important it plays
an impact on profits.
5. A strategy that can be used in all market environments….

The key advantages

  • Easy to learn.
  • Perfect for traders with limited time.
  • Perfect for swings from several hours to several weeks.
  • You decide on a timeframe and therefore the length of time likely trade becomes…

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