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Kate Bagoy - Six Figure Freelancers

I recommend listening to this podcast interview with Kate Bagoy with a pen and paper handy. You are going to want to take notes. This twenty-minute episode is packed full of valuable, actionable material.

Noted author, speaker, and educator, Kate Bagoy discusses recovery from alcohol use disorder and how women can break through business barriers to have success and freedom, building a personal brand and a freelancer business.

Kate was, by all standards, successful in life. She had a corporate job working in her chosen field, design, and marketing. Yet, she was miserable, stuck in a career that she hated. Her alcohol use got out of control.

In 2012, she started a new life of sobriety and recovery. She also decided to start her own company and take control of her life by building a brand for design work and consulting.

By putting to work certain principles, she was able to build up her six-figure freelancer business quickly. Kate Bagoy, also a talented educator, then started a successful coaching business, helping others to find success as she did.

Today, Kate teaches an online course called “The Six-Figure Freelancers Accelerator.” She is the author of the book “Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer: How to Stop Thinking Like An Employee & Build A Freelance Business Like a Boss.” In addition to the well-known course and book, she still accepts a small number of private clients for coaching.

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