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Dean LeBaron - Treasury of Investment Wisdom


Dean LeBaron's Treasury of Investment Wisdom

Today, investors are faced with an information overload when it comes to investment opportunities. It's hard to find straight answers on which investment vehicles are the best, which ones will last, and what opportunities truly suit your needs. Dean LeBaron's Treasury of Investment Wisdom easily answers all these questions for you. This comprehensive guide to the world's greatest investment ideas and thinkers gives you everything you need to understand today's complex and exciting investment landscape.

"There have been other books on investment gurus, but none as complete nor as entertaining as this one. Dean LeBaron has produced an enlightening, thorough, and thought-provoking compendium of the thinking of many of the nation's investment professionals. It covers all the major investment styles and vehicles, from active portfolio management to venture capital, and offers theoretical insights into everything from behavioral finance to market efficiency, providing point and counterpoint. It's a must-read." -Michael J. Clowes, editorial director, Pensions & Investments and Investment News and author of The Money Flood: How Pension Funds Revolutionized Investing

Filled with commentaries and opinions on a wide range of must-know investment issues, Dean LeBaron's Treasury of Investment Wisdom is your guide to a profitable investing future. Take your investment knowledge to the next level with one-of-a-kind insights that have made the best investors in the world what they are today.

Table of Contents


The Promises Men Live By (Peter L. Bernstein).

Investment Insights: Changing Styles across Time and Space (Dean LeBaron).


  • Chapter 1: Investment Policy (GURU Charles Ellis).
  • Chapter 2: Economic Forecasting (GURU Peter Bernstein).
  • Chapter 3: Risk Management (GURUS Fischer Black, Robert Merton, and Myron Scholes).
  • Chapter 4: Financial Engineering (GURU Andrew Lo).

OUR DAY WILL COME Investment Style.

  • Chapter 5: Active Portfolio Management (GURU William Miller).
  • Chapter 6: Growth Investing (GURU Peter Lynch).
  • Chapter 7: Value Investing (GURU Warren Buffett).


  • Chapter 8: Technical Analysis (GURU Walter Deemer).
  • Chapter 9: Quantitative Investing (GURU Robert Arnott).
  • Chapter 10: Foreign Exchange (GURU Richard Olsen).

WE ARE THE WORLD: Investing in the Market.

  • Chapter 11: Market Efficiency (GURUS Burton Malkiel and Eugene Fama).
  • Chapter 12: Mutual Funds (GURU John Bogle).
  • Chapter 13: Indexing (GURUS Wells Fargo, American National Bank, Batterymarch Financial Management).

TILTING AT WINDMILLS: Betting against the Market.

  • Chapter 14: Fixed Income (GURU Andrew Carter).
  • Chapter 15: Short Selling (GURUS Steven Leuthold and Kathryn Staley).
  • Chapter 16: Hedge Funds (GURU George Soros).

I DID IT MY WAY: A Different Philosophy.

  • Chapter 17: Contrarian Investing (GURU James Fraser).


  • Chapter 18: Global Investing (GURU Gary Brinson).
  • Chapter 19: Emerging Markets (GURU Mark Mobius).
  • Chapter 20: Venture Capital (GURU Georges Doriot).

I LOVE A PARADE: Investor Behavior.

  • Chapter 21: Investor Psychology (GURUS Richard Thaler and Robert Vishny).
  • Chapter 22: Manias, Panics, and Crashes (GURU Marc Faber).
  • Chapter 23: Internet Investing (GURU Geoffrey Moore).


  • Chapter 24: Corporate Governance (GURU Robert Monks).
  • Chapter 25: Corporate Restructuring (GURU Bruce Wasserstein).
  • Chapter 26: Initial Public Offerings (GURU Ivo Welch).

WE RE HERE TO HELP YOU: The Government Factor.

  • Chapter 27: International Money (GURU Martin Barnes).
  • Chapter 28: Politics and Investing (GURU Edward Yardeni).

FOLLOWING THE PIPER: Sharing Responsibility.

  • Chapter 29: Investment Consultants (GURU George Russell).

THE FAT LADY SINGSWERE Analysis and Reporting.

  • Chapter 30: Performance Measurement (GURU Peter Dietz).

Future Focus I: Ten Key Investment Issues.

Future Focus II: Ten Key Global Issues.

James Fraser s Book Bag.

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Author Information

DEAN LEBARON is an investment futurist. He founded Batterymarch Financial Management in 1969 and led the firm s pioneering advances in the mid-1970s in the application of computer technology and modeling techniques, first in the U.S. market and then in international and emerging markets. He is recognized as one of the first foreign entrants in the nascent securities markets of Brazil, India, Russia, and China. Mr. LeBaron is also the author of Dean LeBaron s Book of Investment Quotations; Mao, Marx & the Market: Capitalist Adventures in Russia and China; and Ins and Outs of Institutional Investing.

ROMESH VAITILINGAM is a consultant and financial journalist. He is the author of several successful businesses and financial titles, including the bestselling The Financial Times Guide to Using the Financial Pages as well as The Financial Guide to Using Economics and Economic Indicators and Stuck in Transit: Rethinking Russian Economic Reform

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