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In the latest guide from the respected Motley Fool, Selena Maranjian uses simple examples and real-world scenarios to demystify the complexities of finance for beginning and intermediate investors. Through an accessible question-and-answer format, this guide tackles the most common questions about understanding investing and stocks, managing portfolios, and evaluating companies. It covers such questions as “What do ‘points’ mean in the home-buying process?” and “Should I avoid stocks with high P/E ratios?” Like all Motley Fool books, this one is written in a breezy, amusing, but always informative style. Readers are pointed to many online resources both at Fool.com and elsewhere for further insight and useful tools.

A number of personal finace books tell you what to do — but don’t really give you the hows and whys in a down to earth, coherent, entertaining manner.

We this book does that and more. Great for any beginner getting into the game. Buy this book before you go to your broker — becuase 99% of the questions you were going to ask him will most likely be in here.

It is truely the FAQ of Personal Finance and Investing.

My sister gave me this book after I started getting “serious” about my own finances in my late 20’s. I sort of figured that most of this book wouldn’t apply to me, but after just 20 pages I already understood why I needed to start saving more, pay off my credit cards, and spend less on insurance. The language is very easy to read. I definitely recommend this book!

I ordered this book for my wife. She had tons of “why?” or “how?” or “what’s that?” questions that I briefly knew the answer to. This book enabled me to not only point to a one or two paragraph answer to questions such as, “what is a P/E ratio?” but also to get a better grasp on my own finances and wealth management.

This book has since been lent to friends and family. When people learn that I have a passing knowledge about finances and investing, I’m usually inundated with questions. People naturally want to improve their lot in life. And knowledge of the subject is the first step in improvement. I find that this book helps refresh my thoughts on investing, and also is a great tool in helping others.

The book is broken into easy to read divisions. It allows for easy reading of the book when those areas of life come up, e.g. buying a house for us a few months ago. As your world of investing evolves and broadens, so will your reading in this book. It has everything for the beginner and also experienced investor.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, buying a car, buying a house, or how to budget for a family. Five stars!

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