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Forex Decimus 
Trade with HONOR, WIN with HONOR!

Dear Trader,

My name is Charles Ehrenberg and I am a forex trader and educator. I’ve Been spending some time in recent years describing different forex trading methods. Specifically, we’ve been looking at different methods to display raw price data. 

Before I show you The Forex Decimus system, I want to teach you the basics on what it’s about. We will be talking Forex Decimus bars. Exclusively to scalping, or dividing little chunks of price movement in a wider trend. As a scalper, I try to make sure that scalping settings are not mixed up with long term settings. In short, I’m interested in momentum and, more specifically, price action. Forex Decimus charts are unique because they deal with price.

Forex Decimus has built in formulas that have been used centuries ago. The Forex Decimus system looks like stacked candlesticks when they’re forming in a trend. Our team has been using them for several years to trade currencies, stocks, futures, equities, binary options, and more with terrific success. 

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