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John Hayden - RSI. The Complete Guide

This book is a key work for traders - it enables the trading community to learn how to effectively use RSI, a mainstream technical indicator that is in virtually every technical analysis software package. RSI is the Relative Strength Index, which properly understood and utilized, can indicate whether prices are trending, when a market is overbought or oversold, and the best price to enter or exit a trade. It can also indicate what trading timeframe is most active and provides information in determining key price levels of support and resistance. Whilst it is impossible to discuss and present all of the knowledge that has surfaced since RSI was introduced in 1978 and all of the accumulated experience and wisdom that has been gained in using it; at the end of finishing studying this short book, you will know how to use it to determine: 

  • 1. The Current Trend; 
  • 2. The best entry/exit prices for a trade; 
  • 3. Price levels where contra-trend market retracement will likely end; 
  • 4. Basic Price Retracement Theory and Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Points; 
  • 5. What is meant by the term "timeframe"; 
  • 6. How to determine the dominant market "timeframe"; 
  • 7. When a different "timeframe" is negating or overpowering the present timeframe; 
  • 8. How to determine upside or downside price objectives that have a high probability of being reached. 

Table of Contents: Section I - Preparation and Understanding - The Key to Success! 

  • 1. Overview 
  • 2. RSI Math 
  • 3. Price Behavior 
  • 4. The Real Nature of The Market place 
  • 5. Price Behavior 
  • 6. Basic Retracement Theory 
  • 7. Summary Section I Section II 

Using the RSI to Trade 

  • 1. Conventional RSI Use 
  • 2. Professional RSI Use 
  • 3. Trend Determination Using RSI 
  • 4. The Truth About Divergence
  • 5. Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Points 
  • 6. Trend Direction Using Momentum Discrepancy Reversal Points 
  • 7. The Relationship Between Price & RSI Retracements 
  • 8. Valid Support & Resistance Price Levels 
  • 9. Help... A Longer Time Frame Just Jumped in My Puddle! 
  • 10. Conclusion

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